" I met Fancy in California and only knew a few things about her life, But as I grew to learn more I was shocked at what she had been through and  impressed to see how she is helping so many women like her get beyond abuse! She is inspiring!"
                                                          Samantha Roderick​

"I am a long time friend of Fancy's. I have seen her in her worst times of abuse and was amazed at her strength.  She is a remarkable person with a beautiful soul! I am proud to call her my friend!"
                                       ​                    Ramona Silverman

"I too suffered abuse as a child by an uncle. I used to be angry at everyone and carried such a bad attitude growing up. I felt alone, but never thought to ask for help. Until I found Fancy. I am so happy I did!"
                                                                            K. Martin​​​​


" I went through a lot with my ex husband of 18 years. He tore me down with hateful words and emotional mind games that left me broken and ashamed. I found Fancy through a mutual friend on line and her words were so helpful! Her story brought me to tears and helped me realize that I am not alone. I talk to her once a week and am currently planning a trip to Boston to take part in her Inner Core photo shoot! I feel blessed to have such a great friend and mentor!"                                                                                                     Deb  ​Arthur

" I met Fancy in Haverhill Ma. at a shelter for battered women. She came up to me the moment I entered and offered me her bunk. I looked at her shocked because she was pregnant and willing to sleep on a Cot! I was quite beaten and injured when I arrived and I think she felt horrible for me! I will never forget her kindness and was so glad to have found her again after all these years!"                                                                Shalanda ​ Hudson

" Fancy and I met on a flight to Boston. We started talking and I learned of her cause and her book and instantly became fascinated by her. I am eager to learn more and really enjoyed making her acquaintance ."                       Aurora Raffinello​​
"I just recently met Fancy about 4 months ago. I took her up on an offer to get a makeover to help feel like my old self again after years of physical abuse. I felt like a  new person when I looked in the mirror, it brought me to tears and made me a friend for life!"                              
                                                                            ​ Sarah Gonnet

" Fancy and I met in a not so great circumstance as we were both going through radiation treatment. She made me laugh so hard it hurt, but it was worth it! I actually enjoyed knowing she was going to be there when I had to go in. We ended up talking more and more as the months went on and I learned of her cause and all her awesome talents. I can't speak highly enough about what a great gal she! We meet often and I have agreed to help in her cause, there is nothing I wouldn't do for such a wonderful lady!"    

                                                                      ​ Elizabeth Downey​​​​

Welcome to......COREFANCY™

As CEO of Core Fancy.... I am doing more by hitting Domestic Violence head on with an innovative new approach that helps women who have been in near deadly disfiguring abuse to misdemeanor accounts.
​With Core Fancy women enter with scars on the inside and out, my goal is to help them find their Inner Core ....that beautiful part of them they had before all the abuse happened!
​I have an amazing team of professional photographers, makeup artists, Doctors, counselors, and large networks of friends to help women feel better than ever and regain there strength, independence, self-esteem, and beauty!
​Myself being a survivor it brings me great joy to see that after all I endured I can help others!

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