​​Fancy Talk ....A little bit of this....and a little bit of that....

​Lately a lot of people have been asking me.... "If you could erase all the awful things you have been through and start again, would you?" I found this to be an interesting question and with careful thought I can honestly say..... NO WAY!!! All of what I went through was indeed horrific and something I would never wish even on my worst of enemies...BUT I learned, developed character, compassion, and indepth understanding to what it is to suffer and I strongly believe that each step I endured has helped me help others and opened my mind to realize that life is not easy and never handed to you on a silver platter and if it was I wouldn't be the person I am today nor the person I aspire to be forever! I love my life and my children.... but most of all I love that I got a second chance! ♥
​​Many have no idea what I have faced even my family close friends and loved one's don't know it all so this is bit hard for me to let go!!
My abusive past is very much over, but is never really gone from my memory, the hardest thing for me is seeing the scars that still remind me to​ keep watchful over everything!

A little about Fancy....... 
I am a dedicated business women, a Model, Singer, Photographer, Cartoonist, and Writer. I also design web pages, help market and promotes businesses using a wide range of techniques, I am bilingual, work with many outreach programs and a mother of three! 
I involve myself in many programs, charities and drives, such as..Reading to Children and Cancer Patients, Working with Big Brother and Big Sister Organizations, Jp Morgan, as well as Domestic Violence Outreach!
​​​My goal is to change the thought process of many young woman who's sense of reality is often warped by the mind games of abusers, who live to find them, and use them as pawns to further boost there ego!
In simple terms.....It's important to make your own opinions and decide your own destiny!!!! You don't have to think like him, be what he wants you to be or do what he demands you do!
It's a free country, you have the right to speak your opinions.
SO, ​Why can't you do it in a relationship and not get knocked out for it? 

What Core Fancy Helps you see......
​​​​MANIPULATION.....The thing often over looked or unnoticed when it's happening!
"OMG"....I didn't mean to hit you I don't know what came over me?
Baby: " I love you, but sometimes you make me so mad and I do things I shouldn't...but I love you that's why I do it!" ?????
"See what you made me do!!!!"
*Crying on bended knee*....Saying " I want to stop hurting you, I need you, you are the only one who understands, please forgive me!"
Are you or have you been MANIPULATED?
Probably....Don't fall for these lies!!!!!
Did YOU Know?​
​​It is scientifically proven that an abuser can blackout for up to half an hour and not have any recollection of any events that had occurred during that time! The symptoms that are most recognizable are ... a long dark stare that doesn't seem to drift a glossy dark eye with a large dark pupil and no show of emotion other than anger or gritting of teeth with clenched fists! This is fact only because I saw it first hand and not only in my personal bad experiences! This is why abuse can become so deadly! Never wait for it to get this far!
No matter how life's bull crap pushes you face first into the ground... always lift your head up against the force that wants to destroy your beautiful spirit.....life is about taking all the beatings and pain and rising up above it ...even with a scared interior and a bloody exterior...wounded soul  and what seems to be a hopeless existence...you can find the strength to walk away.... then you can achieve ANYTHING!!!!!
​Learn to laugh again..... ♥
​I believe that CHANGE begins with willingness....you can't move mountains, but you can climb over them one step at a time!!!
​Let's start this Year with A different Way of THINKING!!!

Fancy J. Williams Founder of Core Fancy © 2012-14 All rights reserved
About Fancy

"I never thought I could Model after being told for years that I was hideous!"            
​ "​He was SO wrong!"

​​   ~Fancy J. Williams                        ​

A lot of people ask me why I chose a butterfly Tattoo on my chest. Well after my long battle of abuse, cancer, and personal struggles... I felt like it was a way for me to express what I have been through. Butterflies start out crawling on the ground as caterpillars, then enclose themselves in a cocoon of darkness for a long period of time, finally coming out as a beautiful butterfly spreading their wings for the first time after being trapped! I think my life is quite similar and for most all of us that have suffered probably can relate to it!                                                                                                                              Fancy :)